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Donor Wall: St Joseph Catholic Church

St Joseph Catholic Church, located in Warrington PA, called us to create a donor wall to honor donor to current and past capital campaigns.

This project presented a few challenges, the first of which was that the data concerning donors was older, and needed to be verified, and secondly, the project started right before the Covid-19 crisis making it more difficult to connect with donors. We needed to come up with a safe way to validate the information. In order to proof the information, we created a large presentation board to be displayed outside the church so donors could confirm the dedications.

Additionally, as you can see, there was a lot of text that include donor names, dedications and naming opportunities that needed to be cohesively displayed.Donor Wall Proof: St Joseph Catholic Church

The end result is beautiful wooden panels with brass plates listing donors and dedication to a previous capital campaign, as well as updating the presentation of an older plaque to be consistent with the new display.

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