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Wall of Honor created for Malvern Prep

Malvern Prep recently constructed The Center for Social Impact. The building will have flexible learning spaces to integrate subjects like science, technology, engineering, math, and the arts. It will also be the heart of a program for the education of the practical imaginations of Malvern Prep, where students will experience rich and meaningful multidisciplinary and multidimensional learning.

“The Center for Social Impact is a tangible, tactile representation of the commitment Malvern Prep is making towards serving the needs of others.” – Ron Algeo ’86, Assistant Head of School for Student Leadership

Celebrating All types of Giving

While it is true that nonprofits rely on the generosity of their donors to support their mission and efforts, giving can take many forms. Without the dedicated effort of volunteers who donate their time and talent, to grow and serve, many organizations would be unable to function.

The heart of Malvern Prep education is preparing students for lives of contribution, so it’s no surprise that they many volunteers who give their time to bring this to pass. What a wonderful model for the students, and an example to the community.

We are honored to have created this plaque, which is the first thing you see as you enter The Center for Social Impact. It speaks to the spirit of the building, and most importantly the individuals whose commitment and example of service are a valued contribution.

Wall of Honor Plaque created for Malvern Prep

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