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In October 2016, we installed a custom wall display honor all of the veterans of both St. John’s School and Bishop Brady High School.

The school’s objective was to honor the military service of  both school’s alumni, while raising awareness and appreciation in the current student body community of the sacrifices made.

Honor Wall Description

The 6’ by 10’ wall display of the flag features the names of alumni veterans.

The Goal of the Project

To be a lasting recognition of the alumni service to our country from 1934, with room for future growth. The stars on the flag are reserved for those who were killed in action.

Since the unveiling, information has been flooding in to both the school and the Alumni Association. The goal is for the Wall to list all veterans of both St. John and Bishop Brady.

The response from one of the St. John’s alumni was, “It is so nice to be remembered.

Watch The Honor Wall Unveiling

Go here to read the the WMUR9 TV article and watch the unveiling.

The Unique Challenges of this Custom Display Project

The design needed to meet function to maintain the integrity of the flag layout and high number of individual plates with the wall space allotted.

We combined design and engineering to ensure the look and function combined to make a unified presentation.

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