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Wall of Honor: Catholic Medical Association

We are excited to share a special wall of honor that we had the pleasure to design for the Catholic Medical Association in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania.

Wall of Honor Project

Our project was to develop a Wall of Honor design that would recognize contributions to the CMA’s various appeals, the capital campaign for their new facility, including a Chapel, annual fund, and Legacy giving. Our initial discussions had various donation plaques throughout their new facilities. After a visit and consultation, our recommendation was to create a single display that would effectively acknowledge donors in a distinctive cohesive manner.

Wall of Honor Description

Centrally locating the recognition gave visibility to all the donors and offered opportunity to raise awareness of visitors to the various appeals of the Catholic Medical Association. Our design complimented the décor of the new offices with a classic style. Using a three-panel approach that equally represents the type of donors. Individually mounted brushed aluminum plates honor donors and can be easily removed and updated. Images of Catholic Medical Association logo, events and donors add personality and warmth to the display for a timeless look.

We look forward to learning of the continued success of the Catholic Medical Association, it is our privilege to be of service to their mission.

“It was a pleasure working with Donna and the entire B&D Team to conceptualize a unique benefactor tribute wall that signified the gratitude and high regard we have for all our donors, and still worked within our budget.  When we had our first open house after the installation of the benefactor wall, many members commented on that while they were not looking for recognition, they were humbled and appreciative of the recognition and hope it will inspire others to step forward  as well.”

Mario Dickerson, Executive Director

More About The Catholic Medical Association

The association originated in the early 20th century as a resource for support, information, education to medical professionals. The CMA is the largest association of Catholic individuals in health care, they work to uphold the principles of Catholic Faith in practice of science and medicine. From its’ origin, their mission is to help members grown in faith, maintain ethical integrity and provide excellent health care in accordance with the teaching of the church.

The CMA continues to serve through working relationship with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and has become a more frequently cited authority in a variety of media sources. The CMA is engaged in the struggle to protect conscience rights and achieve authentic health care reform. In addition, the CMA has enhanced its presence on the internet and strengthened the quality of the Linacre Quarterly. The Linacre Quarterly, which dates back to the origins of the CMA, which was designed to educate members and subscribers on how the principles of the Catholic faith applied to pertinent medical and scientific issues of the times. The name, The Linacre Quarterly, was chosen to honor Thomas Linacre, M.D., a physician and priest in 16th century England, who served as the private physician to King Henry VIII and was a founding member of the Royal College of Physicians. Dr. Linacre was well known for his scholarship, high standards for scientific medicine, and strong Catholic faith.

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