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Donor Tree: Chi Eta Phi Sorority

Client Profile: Sororities/Fraternities

Client’s Objective: To engage a donor recognition professional to plan, design and construct a donor recognition display that would help raise sufficient funds to support national headquarters infrastructure and programs.

Customized Donor Tree Solution: A 500 multi-color (sorority colors) leaf donor recognition tree with a custom carved wood trunk mounted at headquarters main office complemented by acrylic turtle plaques (Chi-Eta-Phi’s Mascot) for higher donations.

Donor Recognition Tree Project Completed

We recently installed a National Donor Tree of Recognition at the Washington, DC headquarters of Chi Eta Phi Sorority.  An internationally recognized leader in developing healthy communities through advocacy, collaboration, education, leadership, research, and service, Chi Eta Phi Sorority is a diverse professional organization for registered nurses and students with more than 8000 members.  With 101 graduate chapters and 41 undergraduate chapter located in 33 states, they play a vital role in the development of our future healthcare workers.

Our detail-oriented installers mounted the custom-designed tree on a prominent hearth, offering a highlight of recognition to donors at first glance upon entry. We partnered with Chi Eta Phi to create a tree that would stand out in their beautifully renovated Washington D.C. brownstone.  The brick fireplace wall we selected provided both a robust backdrop and a fresh design challenge as pains were taken to enhance the area without altering the character of the wall.  Our team developed a “sweeping style” recognition tree that would fit the physical space while preserving the flow of the room, ultimately attaching 500 individual donor “leaves” in four distinct colors to offer a variety of recognition opportunities.

Our donor trees frequently feature “rocks” in different sizes to honor major gifts. Wanting to give the sorority a more personalized approach for their organization, we looked to their mascot, the turtle, which was chosen to represent them for its purposefully directed and determined risk-tasking qualities. B&D fabricated an original turtle plaque for placement next to the recognition tree to honor major givers with something a little something extra.  Donors are already expressing excitement at the prospect of individual recognition, and anticipation has been building for the display’s reveal.

We continue to partner with sororities and fraternities for their donor recognition needs both locally and nationally. Our products support these organizations and provide a creative opportunity to increase fundraising while enhancing connectivity with alumni and sustaining the engagement that is essential in cultivating contributors now and into the future.

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